Making carrot soup at the farmers market last fall

Making carrot soup at the farmers market last fall

Ok here it is…my very first blog post! I am frightened and excited and have wanted to do this forever.  Will it be cool? Pretty? Informative? Well written? Thoughtful? Unique? Funny? I have no idea.

I have thought many, many, many times about what I would make my blog about, and what I would say, and how I would do it…but how it will actually take shape is still a mystery, and I’m finally OK with that.

I read several blogs on a regular basis, which are awesome, organized, entertaining, informative, and visually stunning.  I would love to become an internet sensation and all around amazing inspiration and wealth of information like 100 Days of Real Food™, or a total badass hippie-stylie stay at home mom like MODG, or a vegan chef and foulmouth extraordinaire like Thug Kitchen, or an incredibly organized, creative lunch-packer and child-nutrition wizard like my friend Natalia at Tribeca Nutrition™, or even a grain-free, gluten-free cooking master like Deliciously Organic™.  Well, I’m not really any one of these..but maybe a little of all of them.  And I think I have some interesting thoughts, recipes, and knowledge to share with whomever might want to listen.  So if anyone is actually reading this, I would love to know about it!

I am sure I am a long way from visually stunning pictures, or unbelievably entertaining recipes, or revelations about post-preg jeans or baby head scarves, or even printable grocery shopping templates.  But I am a nutritionist, dietitian, mom, gluten-free cook, and huge proponent of family meals.  I will definitely post pictures of our dinners, I will show you how I make chicken broth (because I think it’s amazing), I will post articles I have written for my farmers market about making your own salad dressing and what to do with dandelion greens.  I will talk a lot about the trials and tribulations of feeding my son, and I will express my sheer excitement when he finally eats the grilled fish he has been rejecting for a year.  I do lots and lots of reading and thinking about how and what to feed children, so I will undoubtedly be talking a lot about that, and I think it’s something other people are thinking and talking about too.  I know none of this will be revolutionary, and there are definitely 1000 other blogs talking about the same things, but this is my little corner of the world, and for whatever reason, I feel compelled at this moment to share it with you. I really hope you enjoy it.


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