More amazing powers of vegetables!

Here is my market post for this week.  The amazing detox powers of FOOD!

Most of us have done a “detox” diet or cleanse at some point in our lives.  We have signed on for eating kale soup morning, noon, and night, or drinking nothing but juice for 10 days with the hope of shedding a few pounds and having more energy.  But are these cleanses necessary, or even safe?  After all, our grandparents never did a cleanse, and many of them lived long and well. 


Well, most nutrition experts will tell you that the safety and efficacy of cleansing has never been scientifically proven, and that our bodies have their own detoxification systems in place that work to remove toxins from our bodies all day, every day. So why are so many people still jumping on the cleansing bandwagon?

It doesn’t need to be scientifically proven that many people do lose weight and feel good after a detox program or cleanse.  However, it is questionable whether it was the cleanse itself that makes you feel better, or the fact that you start eating more clean foods and less junk. Either way, once you start back on your regular diet, chances are good that you will regain weight and feel crappy again.  Not to mention that when you are eating very little your metabolism slows down to conserve calories, which is exactly the opposite of what you want when trying to lose weight.

In my opinion, a better way to detox the body is to eat as much fresh, whole foods as possible, and keep junk and processed food to a minimum ALL THE TIME!! This gives your body the best chance at getting as many nutrients as possible, and sets it up to be in top condition to process the less healthy stuff when we do eat it.  And did you know that there are many foods that help our bodies detoxification systems work optimally?  Here are just a few, and you can find them all at the market!

  1. Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables are chock full of antioxidants, which help reduce the risk of certain cancers.
  2. Collard Greens increase bile acid binding, which helps keep ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol down.  They are also high in chlorophyll, which feeds the good bacteria in your gut.
  3. Yogurt supports healthy digestion by replenishing that good bacteria and boosting the immune system.
  4. Cold water fish have least amount of toxins and are high in omega-3 fats, which are anti-inflammatory.  They also contain good protein that support liver detox.
  5. Free range chicken also contain healthy protein to support the liver.
  6. Onions and garlic are loaded with sulfur-containing compounds, which help to detoxify the liver.
  7. Beets are packed with minerals to help flush out toxins, and also contain betacyanin, a cancer-fighting compound.
  8. Apples contain many nutrients, plus pectin, a special fiber that helps remove food additives and metals from the body.
  9. Parsley helps protect the kidneys and bladder with vitamins A, C, K and beta carotene.

I didn’t create this recipe but its DARN GOOD!!  Here is the link for Squash and Corn Chowder, so go warm up and make yourself some.  I used fresh corn from the market of course, and boxed organic vegetable broth. YUM!



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