Leftovers for Lunch

So it has come to my attention that a few of you were under the impression that I was not going to blog anymore!! And I am here to say…not true! It is Wednesday, and here I am. I just meant I was going away from the dinner posts, at least for a bit, so as not to bore you all to tears.

For now, or until I think up another fascinating series, there will just be odds and ends, dinner success stories and/or failures, and other tidbits.

Today I am going to share a couple of my lunches that I thought were particularly nice.  I pack my and my son’s lunch most nights of the week, and definitely take advantage of leftovers.  And frankly I could use some ideas about what to pack for a kid who will only eat 2 types of sandwiches.  He does have a pretty broad range of foods that he likes, but not many that can be eaten cold other than the 2 sandwiches..anyone?  I need to do some internet searching.  I could send him all sorts of things that he wouldn’t eat, but the kid is running around all day at camp and needs to refuel, so I don’t think it’s really the right platform to be trying out brand new stuff.  Then again maybe he would eat it if he was starving and had nothing else to eat..hmmm.

Anyhow, my son and I both have a PlanetBox, which we absolutely LOVE.  They are a bit heavy for my son to carry, but it stays super cold with just the one small ice pack I think because it is metal.  So I guess that is a good trade off in terms of weight. The adult one has a bit more space and one less compartment than the child one, and comes with 2 great containers, one small one for sauce or dressing, and one glass container with a silicone lid that fits in the big compartment.  So here is yummy lunch #1:

2014-07-13 21.45.45

Big salad with green leaf lettuce, carrot, cucumber, roasted red peppers, 2 slices of leftover bacon, horseradish honey mustard dressing (homemade), leftover quinoa with a little butter.

And yummy lunch #2:

2014-07-14 22.01.14

Sliced turkey, cucumber, baby bell pepper, homemade hummus, leftover corn on the cob, and I think I had some rice crackers on the side.

And finally, yummy lunch #3:

2014-07-15 21.17.29

Leftover turkey meatballs, jarred sauce, rice spaghetti, corn on the cob (again! what can I say, it’s corn season..yummm), kale chips.

This was a kale chip experiment.  I notice that kale chips do not keep well; they get soggy very quickly.  On this particular day it was so humid they weren’t even crunchy by the end of the meal! So I packed them up and put them in the toaster oven at work the next day on the toast setting for just a minute or two.  They re-crunchified quite nicely!

And here is one last weekend lunch (also utilizing a lot of leftovers) which I thought was particularly lovely looking (and tasting I might add!):

2014-07-17 21.34.27

Leftover green beans, white beans, orange cherry tomatoes, baby bell peppers, carrots and my latest favorite quick dressing: olive oil, balsamic vinegar, a tiny bit of honey, nutritional yeast, salt, pepper, and garlic powder.

What’s your favorite way to use leftovers in a new meal?


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