Fantastic Falafel

I just had to post about tonight’s dinner.  It was a good one!  I usually have a little more time in the kitchen on weekends, so tonight I made homemade falafel.  I don’t think I have made falafel since that powered mix from the bulk bin I used to buy when I was in college.  That shit was nasty.

The ones I made tonight from this recipe from Vegetarian Times were light, crispy, and delicious.  I substituted all-purpose gluten free flour for the flour (since I am gluten free) and I fried them in coconut oil, which worked out great.  Also I think I would add a pinch more salt than what the recipe called for (although I did use unsalted beans).

I realize that homemade falafel is basically fried hummus, so I guess topping them with hummus is a little redundant, but we did it anyway and it was delicious.  Besides I felt certain my son would not try the falafel, and he always loves hummus.  Somehow daddy convinced him to take a bite and he did, and he loved it AND even ate his own falafel pita!  And he also tried a RADISH, which he hated. Oh well, you can’t win them all.  Besides, radish is a tough one, spicy and a little bitter.

I did it up with all the fixins; feta cheese, yogurt sauce, pita, lettuce, hummus, and a plate of raw veggies for dipping.